Saturday, July 4, 2009

Metro Paparazzi #1

To see, to record and to comment. The essence of documentary is the communication not of imagined things but of real things only. - Anonymous

With that quote, let me welcome you to this blog... Metro Paparrazi. This blog is entirely about real people... those you see in the malls, on the streets, at work. I was inspired by the Sartorialist, who started his blog just to share photos of really cool and fashionable people he sees in the streets of New York.

I love fashion and my dream of becoming a model will forever be just a dream (there goes my secret) ... so the next best thing is to make a statement using photographs of people you can very much relate to.

To start off...

Around the metro... Earthly Summer in California

Dress: Forever 21
Necklace: Chanel


  1. Love the colors!...Forever 21 is a place where my daughter and I love to visit....they have my size, too! HaHa!....Is that Joy?...lovely...:)

  2. I love that dress. I hope they still have it in stock.

  3. I LOVE that dress! If only I was tall...I could be able to pull that off.... hahaha.

    This is Gabbie(:

  4. I love how the color of the dress blends with the wooden door in the background. The location is well-thought of. Great job. And may I add that the girl looks awesome.

  5. I love this picture... And I agree that the dress matches with the winery door... Great job!:)